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A Clean Energy Solution


With low costs and relative price stability, there are plenty of financial reasons to switch to Kinetrex natural gas, but it’s a bonus when you consider the green advantages as well.

Natural gas is a cleaner-burning, more affordable fuel resulting in lower fuel costs and less harmful emissions than propane, diesel, and heating oil. Natural gas is the unparalleled choice for clean and efficient commercial applications. Natural gas from Kinetrex will help save your business money and help conserve resources in the process.

Lower Carbon Emissions

From production through delivery, we’re in command of every aspect of every aspect of landfill-derived RNG. Burning NG produces much lower carbon emissions when compared to other fossil fuels.

Lbs. of CO2 Emitted per MMBTU


Coal (lignite)


Diesel fuel & heating oil


Gasoline (w/o ethanol)




Natural Gas

Lower Nitrogen Oxide Emissions

The 2018 Cummins Westport ISX12N enables a 90% reduction in Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Particulate Matter and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is 11% below standard.


From production through delivery, we’re in command of every aspect of landfill-derived RNG, making it simple for our Kinetrex has access to Liquefied Renewable Natural Gas (LRNG) which allows fleets and shippers to reduce emissions across the supply chain. LRNG offers greater savings than traditional natural gas and is cleaner than electric.

With renewable gas from Kinetrex, you’ll help your customers use an even greener form of natural gas, and, to help differentiate yourself from the competition, you can market it as an environmentally friendly option! Learn more about Kinetrex LRNG.