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Whether you’re looking for a temporary bridge with a virtual pipeline, a resource for emergency backup, peak shaving, pipeline integrity projects or a natural gas island, Kinetrex has you covered.

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Based in Indianapolis, Kinetrex is the largest provider of LNG to the Midwest and is connected to 4 national natural gas pipelines. The company operates two manufacturing plants which provide 24 million LNG gallons of storage capacity; a plentiful supply that eliminates fuel shortage concerns.


Kinetrex has 4 truck loading stations operating 24/7 that can load up to 96 trucks each day and 4 trucks simultaneously. Kinetrex has its own LNG transportation fleet (Kinetrex Energy Transportation) and can deliver directly to your site or through our carrier partners. Remote monitoring allows access to tank levels, dispatching deliveries as needed. Kinetrex’ mobile app delivers LNG systems and delivery data to the customer anywhere, anytime.


Kinetrex Energy provides mobile and permanent regasification system and storage options. LNG can be delivered directly to your site via our Kinetrex Energy Transportation fleet or our carrier partners. LNG fueling systems can feed into your existing propane lines, and we’ll manage the installation and construction.

Mobile (Temporary) Systems

Mobile LNG tanks and vaporizers require minimal site preparation. This “virtual pipeline” is ideal for short-term operations. Equipment can be provided to the customer at no cost thus eliminating capital expense.

Kinetrex also offers temporary natural gas service that serve as a “bridge” for operations. When natural gas supply is constrained or not yet available from the utility, the Kinetrex mobile “virtual pipeline” is the solution. Kinetrex delivers LNG to the customer’s site, which is held in temporary on-site storage and vaporized with mobile regasification systems.

Permanent Systems

Kinetrex field services manages the installation of permanent LNG storage and vaporization systems. The experienced field services team help make it simple to switch from propane, diesel or waist oil fuel when converting boilers, dryers, heaters, power generators to run on LNG.

Kinetrex has helped our customers convert their agriculture, asphalt, industrial, transportation, utility and other operations to run on LNG allowing for significant fuel savings.


Kinetrex LNG provides downstream solutions for utility customers through:

  • Enhanced System Integrity – On-system storage limits risk from pipeline force majeure and creates a temporary source of supply for pipeline integrity projects.
  • Micro Peak Shaving – Limits market price risk during severe weather events and reduces the amount of pipeline and off-system storage capacity.
  • Underserved Customers and Gas Islands – LNG can be used to convert rural customers from propane to gas and serve large industrial expansions.


LNG is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. LNG is stored at low pressure and as a liquid will not explode. If spilled, it will evaporate and have no residual impact on the environment. When compared to CNG, LNG operation pressure is between 50-150 psi; CNG is 3600 psi.


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