When providing fuel to long-haul transportation fleets, it is critical that the fuel is reliable, of good quality, and sold at an affordable price. With two liquefaction plants operating 24/7/365 to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG) that is consistently cheaper than diesel, Kinetrex is positioned to dependably meet these criteria.


Myths About Using LNG For Your Fleet>


$1 per diesel gallon equivalent (pretax). Also, LNG is not subject to wild price swings (indicated in chart below) and provides long-term hedging opportunities; this helps for budgeting. Curious how much you’ll save? Use our cost comparison calculator.

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Fuel Tanks

LNG tanks do not have a maximum service life and allow 800+ mile range. LNG trucks do not have an SCR system nor DEF. The LNG tanks do not require any annual inspection.

Fuel Quality

LNG is approx. 95% Methane. Pipeline natural gas composition varies and can contain high levels of heavy hydrocarbons, such as ethane, which leads to poor engine performance. LNG is purified prior to liquefaction resulting in higher and more stable methane levels.

Fuel Weight

LNG fuel systems require fewer tanks than CNG. An LNG fuel system is 1000 lbs. lighter than CNG and 0-500 lbs. lighter than diesel.


The 2018 Cummins Westport ISX12N enables a 90% reduction in NOx and Particulate Matter emissions with a maintenance free Three-Way Catalyst Aftertreatment. Kinetrex has access to Liquefied Renewable Natural Gas (LRNG) which allows fleets and shippers to reduce emissions across the supply chain. LRNG offers greater savings than traditional natural gas and is cleaner than electric. Learn more about Kinetrex LRNG.


Kinetrex provides a low or no-cost mobile fueling station for seasonal or temporary needs for fueling your natural gas fleet. The mobile fueler works well in the first few stages of implementation moving from a diesel to NG fleet. In 2019, Kinetrex was presented the “Driver of Change” award for its innovative mobile LNG fueling system.

For permanent needs, LNG can be delivered directly to your site via our Kinetrex Energy Transportation fleet or our carrier partners. Flexible and fair financing is available for upfront capital investment and we’ll manage the installation of mobile or permanent fueling stations.


Based in Indianapolis, Kinetrex is the largest provider of LNG to the Midwest and is connected to 4 national natural gas pipelines. The company operates two manufacturing plants which provide 24 million LNG gallons of storage capacity; a plentiful supply that eliminates fuel shortage concerns. Kinetrex has 4 truck loading stations operating 24/7 that can load up to 96 trucks each day and 4 trucks simultaneously.

Remote monitoring allows access to tank levels, dispatching deliveries as needed. Kinetrex’ mobile app delivers LNG systems and delivery data to the customer anywhere, anytime.


LNG is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. LNG is stored at low pressure and as a liquid will not explode. If spilled, it will evaporate and have no residual impact on the environment. When compared to CNG, LNG operating pressure is between 50-150 psi; CNG is 3600 psi.


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