Senator Young Tours Kinetrex LNG Plant

Indianapolis, IN – U.S. Senator Todd Young recently visited Kinetrex Energy’s Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production facility in Indianapolis, IN. The Kinetrex Energy team provided Sen. Young with an overview of their LNG facility and discussed the future of the renewable natural gas (RNG) industry in Indiana.

“The State of Indiana is a significant innovator of natural gas technology, particularly RNG and LNG,” said Aaron Johnson, President and CEO of Kinetrex Energy. “LNG and RNG directly benefit great Indiana companies like Kinetrex, Cummins with its natural gas engines and the cryogenic trailer manufactures of Northern Indiana, while also lowering costs for our logistics industry as a clean, cheap replacement to diesel and the agricultural industry as a clean, cheap replacement for propane.”

Kinetrex converts traditional natural gas to liquid, which makes it easy to transport and store. Because natural gas is abundant, LNG is a reliable alternative to diesel, waste oil and propane. And because natural gas production is not subject to price swings, LNG is not only affordable but can help you control and stabilize your energy costs.

Kinetrex Energy is also developing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) by upgrading the methane emitted from landfills and agricultural sources. RNG also helps avoid greenhouse gas and NOx emissions and results in less smog when replacing traditional diesel or gasoline combustion.


About Kinetrex Energy

Kinetrex is the U.S.’s leading inter-state liquefied natural gas (LNG) company and operates two significant LNG production facilities. Kinetrex provides turn-key energy solutions from a comprehensive portfolio of natural gas solutions including: LNG, renewable natural gas (RNG) and pipeline natural gas for customers in the transportation, commercial, industrial, agricultural and power markets.