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RNG / Transportation


Choose a Clean, Cost-Effective Alternative to Diesel

Long-haul transportation fleets require good-quality, affordable fuel, reliably supplied. With two liquefaction plants operating 24/7/365 to produce purified, liquefied natural gas (LNG) that is consistently cheaper than diesel, Kinetrex dependably meets these criteria. Our access to Liquefied Renewable Natural Gas (LRNG) allows fleets and shippers to reduce emissions across the supply chain.

Reduce Emissions

RNG is one of the cleanest and highest quality fuels to help reduce your environmental impact. LRNG offers greater savings than traditional natural gas and is cleaner than electric. Leveraging a 2018 Cummins Westport ISX12N engine with RNG, enables a 90% reduction in NOx and particulate matter emissions with a maintenance free Three-Way Catalyst Aftertreatment.

Save Money, Sustainably

We partner with our customers to drive savings and sustainability. LNG is not subject to wild price swings and provides long-term hedging opportunities.

Simple, Safe, No-Mess Fueling

Innovative tanks keep things simple

LNG tanks do not have a maximum service life and allow 800+ mile range. LNG trucks do not have an SCR system or DEF. The LNG tanks do not require any annual inspection. LNG fuel systems require fewer tanks than CNG. An LNG fuel system is 1000 lbs. lighter than CNG and 0-500 lbs. lighter than diesel.