Kinetrex Energy produces Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) by upgrading the methane emitted from landfills and agricultural sources. By partnering with Kinetrex, you’ll help make it a smart choice for the planet. RNG will reduce your carbon emissions by up to 90% and is more affordable than traditional diesel and gasoline.

By partnering with Kinetrex, you’ll help your customers use an even greener form of natural gas, and, to help differentiate yourself from the competition, you can market it as an environmentally friendly option!


RNG is a smart energy choice for two reasons: it’s more affordable than diesel and it is environmentally friendly. It is certified by the EPA as a renewable energy resource. Kinetrex liquefies renewable natural gas (“LRNG”) to yield the benefit of liquefaction and the cost savings of RNG. We can also procure RNG for your CNG or other natural gas needs.

RNG sold into the transportation market creates RINs (renewable identification numbers). Revenue from RINs’ can be shared across the renewable fuel value chain, making the cost of fuel or fleet conversion even more affordable.

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RNG power trucks have lower emissions than either diesel, electric or even traditional natural gas. RNG is even more green by making emissions carbon negative.

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Liquefied Renewable Natural Gas (LRNG) is primarily methane, which has less heavier hydrocarbons. LRNG trucks have lower maintenance costs than diesel and weigh less than either diesel or electric. Visit “The Definitive Guide for LNG in Fleets” for more information on the operational benefits of using liquefied natural gas in your fleet.


Kinetrex Supplies our customers with over 15 million gallons of RNG annually and is the largest provider of LRNG in the Midwest. RNG is primarily methane generated from landfills, livestock or wastewater treatment plants that is cleaned to pipeline quality standards before injecting into the pipeline network.


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