New online tool demonstrates how companies can reduce their carbon footprint

Kinetrex Energy launches RNG emissions calculator


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Kinetrex Energy, the leading supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and renewable natural gas (RNG) in the Midwest, released a new online RNG emissions calculator that makes it simple for companies to measure their carbon emissions as a first step in going “greener”. Users enter their annual natural gas consumption and the calculator automatically provides the environmental impact by transitioning to cleaner RNG.

You can try out the emissions calculator here>.

“You cannot improve what you cannot measure,” said Aaron Johnson, President and CEO of Kinetrex Energy. “Our emissions calculator gives companies a simple tool to measure their greenhouse gas emissions and shows them how easy and affordable it can be to switch to RNG.”

The focus on environmental sustainability has become a priority for many corporations in the U.S. Many organizations are pursuing reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to satisfy investors and consumers, meet governmental air quality targets and emissions policies, and positively impact their branding and marketing efforts.

RNG is the cleanest and highest quality transportation fuel available. In fact on a full life cycle basis, RNG is cleaner than electric and does not require a large investment in capital by our customers. RNG is produced by capturing and refining fugitive methane, called biogas, produced from municipal wastewater treatment systems, animal waste and landfills. To learn more about Kinetrex Energy RNG, visit

About Kinetrex Energy

Kinetrex is the U.S.’s leading inter-state liquefied natural gas (LNG) company and operates two significant LNG production facilities. Kinetrex provides turn-key energy solutions from a comprehensive portfolio of natural gas solutions including: LNG, renewable natural gas (RNG) and pipeline natural gas for customers in the agricultural, asphalt, industrial, transportation, and utilities markets.

For information about Kinetrex Energy’s sustainability efforts, view our Sustainability Report here.


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