Kinetrex Announces New Leadership Appointments

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Kinetrex Energy, the leading supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Midwest, announced promotions and new positions of four company team members, including Craig Moore, Terry Peak, Anthony Hopwood, and Danny Seibert. Setting the foundation for Kinetrex to extend its leadership as an LNG supplier, these organizational changes will evolve the company’s organizational structure designed to support its strategic business initiatives and future growth plan. The new positions took effect January 1, 2020.

“Kinetrex’s success has always and will always depend upon the quality and character of our team members,” said Aaron Johnson, CEO of Kinetrex Energy. “I am pleased to welcome these individuals into their new roles as I am certain they will continue to further Kinetrex’s success.”

Craig Moore, former Chief Operating Officer and one of the founders of the company, will fill the new position of Senior VP and Chief Revenue Officer. He will lead the company’s revenue generation and strategic customer relationships within the organization. Before helping form Kinetrex in 2015, Moore held leadership positions at Citizens Energy Group and Cummins.

Terry Peak, former Senior Vice President of Plant Operations is named Senior VP and Chief Operating Officer. He will oversee the company’s daily operation from gas procurement to plant and customer site operations. Before joining Kinetrex in 2015, Peak was president of ProLiance Holdings, LLC.

Anthony Hopwood, former Director of Operations, is promoted to Executive Director of Operations. He will lead the company’s plant operations, including both LNG production plants, customer site operations and engineering. Before joining Kinetrex in 2015, Hopwood was a project engineer at Citizens Energy Group.

Danny Seibert, former Plant Engineer, is promoted to Director of LNG Engineering. He will be responsible for the company’s engineering strategy and plant support team. Before joining Kinetrex in 2019, Seibert held a variety of engineering positions.

For information about Kinetrex Energy’s sustainability efforts, view our Sustainability Report here.

About Kinetrex Energy

Kinetrex is the U.S.’s leading inter-state liquefied natural gas (LNG) company and operates two significant LNG production facilities. Kinetrex provides turn-key energy solutions from a comprehensive portfolio of natural gas solutions including: LNG, renewable natural gas (RNG) and pipeline natural gas for customers in the transportation, commercial, industrial, agricultural and power markets.