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LNG / Utilities


Liquefied Natural Gas

Grow Service Territories and Net Operating Income with LNG

  • Eliminate Pipeline Constraints and Increase Sales
  • Stop Losing to the Competition and Grow Service Territory
  • Avoid Utility Rate Increases while Growing Net Operating Income
  • Limit Pipeline Demand Charges by Expanding Supply Options

Satisfy Utility Customers and Increase Revenue

  • Reach customers off the pipeline and facilitate community economic development
  • Serve new territories economically without a pipeline transmission system
  • Convert rural customers from propane by creating natural gas islands with SRS (Safe-Reliable-Simple) virtual natural gas pipeline systems

Lower Distribution System Upgrade Costs

  • Bridge to a permanent system for new industrial facilities or expansions
  • Stabilize your fuel supply in the event of pipeline force majeures or increased customer demand
  • Keep natural gas flowing economically during pipeline integrity projects

Reduce Pipeline Capacity and Increase Ratebase

  • Micro peak shaving lowers pipeline capacity and off-system storage capacity
  • Lower pipeline demand charges
  • Make investors happy with increased net operating income; make customers happy with lower rates

Quick Customer Connections

In addition to helping to meet

  • The Solution…Safe, Reliable, Simple (SRS) Virtual Pipeline Systems require minimal site preparation and are installed in as fast as two days
  • Ideal for temporary operations or as a “bridge” if natural gas supply is constrained
  • LNG is delivered directly to your site via our transportation fleet or our carrier partners

Our Process is Simple…

1. Design

Custom-designed system to meet your specific technical needs

2. Install

 System installed by Kinetrex Field Services team

3. Monitor

24/7/365 monitoring of gas flow, storage levels, deliveries, safety and more…

Reliable Supply

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