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LNG / Agriculture


Liquefied Natural Gas

Kick the Propane Habit

  • Eliminate price spikes and short supplies of propane
  • Get natural gas delivered to your operation, whether you’re on a pipeline or not
  • At Kinetrex, abundant natural gas is converted to LNG and truck it to agricultural operations all over the Midwest
  • Big savings for grain drying, greenhouse operations, milling operations and livestock farms

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Stabilize Fuel Prices and Save Money

  • LNG is not subject to wild price swings which helps budgeting
  • Kinetrex also offers customers the option to hedge which provides predictable and consistent long-term costs
  • Customers capitalize on the stable commodity of natural gas
  • Company reports 35% lower fuel costs with LNG

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Wholesale LNG / Propane Tracker

Redundant Supply Eliminates Shortage Concerns

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Safe-Reliable-Simple Virtual Gas Pipeline

  • SRS (Safe-Reliable-Simple) Virtual Natural Gas Pipeline Systems require minimal site preparation and installs in days
  • Ideal for temporary/seasonal operations or as a “bridge” if natural gas supply is constrained
  • Equipment can be provided to customer at no capital expense

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Our Process is Simple…

1. Design

Custom-designed system to meet your specific technical needs

2. Install

 System installed by Kinetrex Field Services team

3. Monitor

24/7/365 monitoring of gas flow, storage levels, deliveries, safety and more

Reliable 24/7 Deliveries

  • Kinetrex has 4 truck loading stations operating 24/7/365
  • Remote monitoring allows access to tank levels, dispatching deliveries via Kinetrex Energy Transportation (KET)
  • Kinetrex’s mobile app delivers LNG systems and delivery data to the customer anywhere, anytime
  • Kinetrex helps plant in time of need with reliable LNG deliveries

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Reduce Operational Costs

  • LNG is cleaner than other fossil fuels thus reducing operational and maintenance costs on equipment
  • LNG is purified natural gas and produces much lower carbon emissions and contaminants when compared to other fossil fuels
  • Company saves over 50% in maintenance costs with LNG
  • Kinetrex’s Sustainability Report demonstrates the company’s commitment to helping employees, customers, and the community be more sustainable

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Safest Fossil Fuel

  • LNG is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive
  • LNG is stored at low pressure and as a liquid will not explode
  • If spilled, LNG will evaporate and have no residual impact on the environment

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