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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Simple and Reliable

Converting natural gas to its liquid form, LNG makes it easy to transport and store. Our LNG operation is especially reliable because it is vertically integrated—we liquefy, store and transport it to you, providing natural gas access whether you are on or off the pipeline, and creating a virtual natural gas pipeline if needed.

An Affordable Solution

LNG is not impacted by drastic pricing shifts as is often the case with fuel oils. Because LNG is a cleaner source of energy, resulting in reduced operational and maintenance costs on equipment. Our bundled solution, including fuel, equipment and delivery, is a cost-effective option, priced per MMBTU.

No Shortage Worries

Our redundant LNG supply helps eliminate fuel shortage concerns. Kinetrex has two plants connected to four interstate pipelines, and our LNG storage capacity exceeds 2 billion cubic feet. Our mobile fueling stations, for customers not connected to pipeline infrastructure, are a game-changer, providing onsite LNG storage and gasification services to meet extra demand or peak shaving needs.

Reliable 24/7 Delivery

At Kinetrex, we are masters of logistics. Our four truck loading stations operate around the clock. Remote monitoring allows access to tank levels, dispatching deliveries via Kinetrex Energy Transportation (KET) as needed. We deliver fuel to deliver you peace of mind.

Industries We Serve


Natural gas-generated engines are a proven energy source. Fuel your permanent or mobile asphalt plants with a cleaner alternative. LNG is less expensive than waste oil, diesel or propane, with lower emissions.


LNG can lower energy costs as well as help your business meet air quality standards. Our turnkey solutions can be provided on a permanent or temporary basis, regardless of your connection to a pipeline.


Natural gas-generated engines are a proven fuel to serve a variety of energy needs. Partner with Kinetrex to satisfy customers off the pipeline and serve new territories to increase revenue. Provide rural customers the opportunity to switch to this lower-carbon fuel by creating natural gas “islands” with SRS (Safe-Reliable-Simple) virtual natural gas pipeline systems.


LNG can lower energy costs as well as help your business. Through technical advancements and innovation in LNG-fueled natural gas engines, we are helping one of the largest transportation companies in the United States lower their costs while creating sustainable outcomes. We can do the same for your fleet.

Wholesale LNG / Diesel Tracker

Wholesale LNG / Propane Tracker

Virtual Gas Pipeline

No capital expense for your business

Our SRS (Safe-Reliable-Simple) virtual natural gas pipeline system requires minimal site preparation and installation only takes a few days. This flexibility makes it ideal for temporary/seasonal operations or as a “bridge” if the natural gas supply is constrained. For customers, no capital outlay for equipment is required.

LNG Mobile App

Critical information at your fingertips

Anywhere, anytime, the Kinetrex mobile app provides users with an immediate view of their daily and monthly fuel usage, tank levels, delivery status with real-time tracking and push notifications, live video feeds of their LNG system and more.

LNG is among the Safest energy sources

Non-toxic and non-corrosive

LNG is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is stored at low pressure, and as a liquid is not highly flammable.