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Now you can power your high-horsepower operations with natural gas – whether you have access to a pipeline or not. Kinetrex converts traditional natural gas to liquid, which makes it easy to transport and store. Because natural gas is abundant, Liquefied Natural Gas from Kinetrex is a reliable alternative to diesel, waste oil and propane. And because natural gas production is not subject to wild price swings, Liquefied Natural Gas is not only affordable but can help you control and stabilize your energy costs.

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Savings of ~$1.10 per diesel gallon equivalent and savings of ~$0.25 per propane gallon equivalent. Curious how much you’ll save? Use our cost comparison calculators.


LNG is not tied to foreign oil markets and provides long-term hedging opportunities.

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Kinetrex Energy provides mobile or permanent LNG fueling stations to fit your needs and budget. LNG can be delivered directly to your organization via our Kinetrex Energy Transportation fleet or our carrier partners. Flexible and fair financing is available for upfront capital investment and we’ll manage the installation of mobile or permanent fueling systems. For more information on Kinetrex turn-key equipment, visit our LNG equipment page.


Based in Indianapolis, Kinetrex is connected to 4 natural gas pipelines and the largest provider of LNG to the Midwest. The Company operates two manufacturing plants which provide 24 million LNG gallons of storage capacity. Kinetrex has 4 truck loading stations that can load 96 trucks daily for distribution.


Burning NG produces much lower carbon emissions when compared to other fossil fuels. LNG is purified natural gas and consists primarily of methane (95% methane, 4% ethane, <1% all other).

Kinetrex has access to Liquefied Renewable Natural Gas (LRNG) for negative carbon emissions. Learn more about Kinetrex LRNG.


LNG is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. LNG is stored at low pressure and as a liquid will not explode. If spilled, it will evaporate and have no residual impact on the environment. When compared to CNG, LNG operation pressure is between 50-150 psi; CNG is 3600 psi.


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