We work every day to revolutionize the delivery of energy; to make natural gas America’s fuel; and, to lower the cost of business with a practical, common-sense stewardship of our environment.

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At Kinetrex, our team is our most valuable asset.


  • Our team is passionate and optimistic to create the outcomes that move us forward
  • Our team knows that clear accountability is key to fairness and ultimately their success
  • Our team will know and will be honest about their strengths and weaknesses
  • Our team will increase their strengths and limit their weaknesses by building their diversity of skills and experiences
  • Our team will provide a safe environment to learn from both our successes and failures
  • Our team will ALWAYS act with utmost integrity
  • We operate as a TEAM and will only be successful if each team member’s role and performance expectations with in the team are clear


Electro Mechanic Technician

Sales Representative

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